The Androsace Group will be changing in the autumn of 2011 to become an 'on-line' group and part of the Alpine Garden Society's web Forum.
With the help of the AGS, The Androsace Group will appear as a ‘discussion topic’ entitled 'Androsace' so it can continue to act as a resource of the Group's newsletters
and publications but also as a picture gallery and a discussion site for matters concerning the cultivation of 'ANDROSACE'.
The transfer of the existing printed material may take a bit longer, but I hope that the Androsace topic will become active this coming autumn and spring.
The need for the change is simply that no one comes forward to share the task of running the group, and the Treasurer, Editor, Membership Secretary and Seed
Manager need a rest. Repeated appeals for help have not been answered. We hope that the Forum approach will mean that Androsace discussion and comment can continue
and perhaps be an easier way to contribute.
There will no longer be a membership fee - members will only need to register with the AGS Web Site.
Thank you to all contributors of written articles, conversations and seed over the years.