An update on Androsace sarmentosa

Following the realisation in 1997 that Androsace sarmentosa had been supplanted by A. studiosorum in our gardens, a thorough search has failed to find any long established plants of A. sarmentosa at all. Now, however two excellent recent re-introductions are in our hands. The first to arrive is from seed collected by Pete Boardman near Namche Bazar in Nepal. This was raised by Keith Lever and is being propagated for sale. To distinguish it from the second re-introduction it is being called A. sarmentosa ‘Namche’. Our illustration shows the 3-5mm long by 1-2mm wide, equally sized bracts which distinguish this species from the similar A. studiosorum whose alternately large and small bracts are also larger at 6-13mm long by 2-3 mm wide.

We received the second plant from Ron McBeath arising from seed under the collection number MECC26 which is also being propagated for sale. The expedition by McKelvie, England, Christie and Carrie to Langtang where this collection was made took place in 1997.

Both these plants have a lighter, more elegant appearance than A. studiosorum with the flowers in each umbel opening over a longer period. As the colour of each flower changes with time the umbel appears attractively multi-coloured.

Now that the true A. sarmentosa is back in cultivation we are aiming to check the nature of any clones named as forms of A. sarmentosa and hope to publish a note on these also in the near future.

Androsace sarmentosa ‘Namche’                          D. F. Mowle

[ A. axillaris ] [A. baltistanica ] [A. hausmannii] [A. hirtella] [A. x marpensis] [A. minor] [A. sarmentosa] [A. SQAE265] [A. yargongensis]

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